europeanpalletukEurope’s no. 1 pallet network

As member the largest specialist Pallet Distribution network in Europe, is R&L European Distribution BV a logical choice for the distribution of ALL your domestic and international pallet shipments.

From Amsterdam till Zaragossa, R&L European Distribution offers you from all over the Netherlands a guaranteed daily departure, from and to every city, village or island across Europe, with fix transit times. The network is characterized in the following respects.

  • Especially suitable for shipment from 1 to 6 pallets throughout Europe.
  • Easy and clear rates based on 5 standard pallettypes, Full, Light, Half, Quarter and Mini Quarter, without the typical weight/volume conversion.
  • Also suitable for abnormal pallet dimensions and lengths.
  • Business to business delivery and private deliveries possible.
  • When you give R&L European Distribution an order today before 10:00 AM we can collect it all over Europe on that same day, before 17:30hrs.

In area NL60 Weert and NL57 Helmond R&L European Distribution guarantees collection on the same day before 17:30hrs for all orders received before 14:00/15:00hrs. When you have large volumes R&L European Distribution has the possibility to place a stand trailer at collection address which will get swapped daily at fix times.

  • Fix transit times all over Europe.
  • Premium and Economy service almost all over Europe.
  • Simple notification of your shipments by fax, e-mail, EDI or online in the order pilot of this site.
  • 1 Contact person and a local driver who will pick up the shipments.
  • Online track and trace
  • Online POD
  • Tail-lift collection and delivery without extra charges.
  • AM collection/delivery possible at almost all countries.
  • Just-in-time collection/delivery possible at almost all countries.

* When standard transit times are to long for your shipments, R&L European Distribution has always the possibility to arrange Express deliveries for you (Inform to the possibilities and extra costs).